Monday, 16 March 2009


Nowadays fast-food is a place that offer us comfort and convenience at low cost. Because of our necessity of not losing any time and also the comfort of this type of restaurants make us believe that we have nothing to lose.
But is precisely the opposite that happens because this kind of food may cause serious health problems as the ingredients are not very healthy. As a matter of food , there is a documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock named “Super Size Me”, in which the director tries to make a connection between some health problems and fast-food, by testing his own body eating MacDonald’s fast-food for a month.
Before all that he did extensive medical exams that proved that he was in excellent health. But at the end of the month of eating fast-food at all meals the director began to fell behest pains breathing difficulties the pressure, insomnia and shakes. In the 20th they is liver failed but still ménage to and is “diet” going 12 Kg.
This was mainly caused by the great amounts of fat sugar and salt of ingredients that are used in fast-food. In big quantities may have serious consequences as Spurlock shown.
We should only eat a small quantity of this kind of food and have an healthy diet which have vegetables.

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